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You can get in touch with me for many reasons but I will leave here bellow a few topics that, if any fit the reason you are contacting me, make sure you put the info between brackets before the title of your email. I receive tons of emails every day, both from Brazilians and Americans, so help me out making my reading job easier.

  • Preaching and evangelism [PreEva]
  • Questions [Q&A]
  • Advice [ADV]
  • Contribution [Support]
  • Invitation [Invite]

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Other places and ways to contact me:

  • Instagram: @bcnatan
  • Facebook (I do not accept everyone): Natan de Carvalho
  • Skype: bulking8_natan
  • Phone number (Text first, call if needed): (919) 673-5596

Let me know if you need anything!