Christians and Christmas: A Brief Observation

For some people Christmas is the most beautiful, joy giving, soul filling event of the year. It brings families together, it allows you to post good pictures of you and your family, and you can give gifts and receive gifts. On Christmas we have this warming sensation that we ar all love—everything and everyone ought to be loved because December is December. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against that. Put your ugly sweater on, spend your income on gifts, have your happy white elephant time with your small group, and watch the same movies you have been watching for about 10 years. It is tradition, right? This is where the problem is, I believe.

Most believers have no freaking idea of what Christmas means. “Jesus was born,” they will say. But they are so theologically ignorant and so intellectually dead that the words “Jesus” and “was born” mean absolutely nothing. Jesus is a cool guy who came to make us happy. Is that not the truth? Of course they recognize that Jesus is God and God became flesh, but they have no idea of what that means. For some “Mary Did You Know” is the deepest theological doctrine they will ever receive during Christmas. Which, by the way, SHE KNEW! An angel spoke to her before she was pregnant for God’s sake!

We have bought into the consumerism religion. Why on earth would we spend all that money if the meaning of Christmas is Jesus and his birth? Tell me, do you spend more time thinking about what you are going to cook for Christmas Eve or meditating upon the doctrine of the incarnation? Do you spend more money on gifts or giving to the needy? After all Jesus came so that we could go! Do you worry about your sweater more than you worry about not being able to explain Jesus’ birth to a 10 year old? Clearly, we missed the point of Christmas.

I honestly could not care less if you watch Elf or if you put a Santa figurine in your yard, that is up to you. But it saddens me and it breaks my heart to know that Jesus’ bride have absolutely no flipping idea of what Christmas means. I wonder if you who can recite your favorite Elf lines can tell me, by memory, the main Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. Let us make this easier for you, after all you have been in church for only 20 years, you had no time for God. I will let you explain me what is the significance of the coming of the Messiah. Too hard? Just explain to me what is the Messiah and why it is important for Jesus to be the Messiah. I bet you have been too busy in your Christmas traditions, you probably had no time to think about Jesus…

Most of you will have kids, and you are growing in a poor theological church who still teaches that Jesus is a cute little wrapped gift you chose to accept in your heart. The combo of poor theology, high emotionalism, and the pagan traditions you have adopted will do well in your children’s lives in the future. Your kids will die of starvation, as you probably are dying too. Their spiritual lives will shrink because you will have no spiritual authority over them. Just like every other brain-dead believer you will embrace the very culture that is killing us. For the love of Jesus, become a Christian!

Listen to your Christmas songs with no biblical support, enjoy the time with your family whom you haven’t called nor spend time with in a year, post pictures of you and your family who is clearly divided—enjoy modern-day Christmas time! Numb your soul with tons of food, live as if you were made to eat and that only, spend your God-giving income on anything but the Kingdom of God. Embrace this culture, do not make a difference. But then question yourself, why on earth should I consider you a Christian? Because you repeat the empty words every Christian is taught to repeat? Because you know how to spell Jesus’ name while have no idea of what he means? 

Christmas is a time of joy, but since we never preach about sin and never confront our brothers and sisters, we are doomed to embrace the pagan festival of Christmas. See that I distinguish between Christmas and pagan Christmas. Believers should celebrate Christmas, but unfortunately many will not. Jesus came to set the captives free, but who are the captives. Captives to what? He came to give sight to the blind, but who is blind? Can’t everyone clearly see what is going on? He came to establish the Kingdom of God, and that is the point of Jesus’ coming. He did not come to give you chocolate or ugly sweaters, he came to give you life! The only reason you can enjoy Christmas with some delight is because if the incarnation. Make sure you tell other people that and start living for others—live to make Jesus known and clearly understood by all people around you. That is the greatest Christmas gift you could ever give.


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